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Deal with the owner from start to end to solve your kitchen challenges.

At Capital Kitchens we are here to help you through the stages of your dream kitchen. We provide you with high quality product, project manages the whole process, and attention to detail as a result you have your dream kitchen. We are here to help you improve the layout and design, storage, functionality and add value of your kitchen, which will assist in saving time and money on your new kitchen. Each project are project manage and handle by our network of passionate trade specialists.

We take our time to go through in detail, what it is you need whether it a new kitchen, remodel or renovation kitchen and ensure our solution will give you the satisfaction that it deserves. Our processes are simple with the use of technology and time to effectively and efficiently provide you with your dream kitchen.

At Capital Kitchens we understand over the years the use of the kitchen has changed, not only is it for you to prepare food for the family. However it is also the centre of your home and entertain your guests with an open plan living area. So we ensure the kitchen is design in a way that it continue to flow through your home and add value to your family and home.

We are a family business who has over 20 years of experience in the professional services sector. Bringing you our vast experience and knowledge in design, negotiation, project management and delivery at a reasonable price. We collaborate with all the tradesman and companies who have the same ideas and values as us to take the hassle away from you, so you can enjoy and focus on those items that matter most while we deliver your new kitchen. Every order is custom design, made, delivered and installed based on your specifications.

As a family we believe our customers are important for us to continue to stay in business, therefore we constantly strive to provide our customers with exceptional service. Together with a high finish product has long-term results for the future and survival of our business.

We use high quality materials source locally and through reputable suppliers Laminex, Polytec, Borg Manufacturers, TradeMaster, Hettich, and  more.

For this reason if you had a great experience with us, you will come back for future work and also tell your family and friends.

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