before and after: bedroom

Hello Monday! After such a busy week and a snow storm that brought us about 10 inches of white fairy dusts, I was glad to seek refuge in this sumptuous and relaxing bedroom on the weekend.  Believe it or not, this bedroom was once a generic blank space that builders commonly deliver these days.  Today, I am going to share with you a few tricks on how to turn a builder basic box into a serene sanctuary.

After- Bedroom 1

I wasn’t kidding when I said it was a blank slate.  On the plus side, this bedroom has a fantastically large window and a relatively spacious walk-in closet.  What I didn’t like though was that the door swinging into the walk-in closet and there was a door to the “cheater ensuite“.  First thing first, we requested the builder to close off that extra door to the bathroom (so the bathroom is a lot more usable) and to remove the door & frame for the walk-in closet so I could install slighting door after.

Screen Shot 2016-03-06 at 1.54.45 PM

From empty space with no personality to a showstopper thanks to the elegant and textural grass cloth wallpaper from Primetime Paper & Paint, the stunningly beautiful headboard by Fine Interiors by Susan (fabric from Sarah Richardson Design for Kravet), the doggie print by Valerie Davide for Trowbridge Gallery (available from Elte) and of course that spectacular and very well-made handle on the sliding door by Lew’s Hardware!  I simply couldn’t be happier with the sliding door and how the brushed brass finish on the handle works harmoniously with all the soft gold accents in the room.

After - bedroom 2

The bedside tables also reflect our different personalities.  Which side you think is mine? I am sure the clues are written everywhere!

After - Bedroom 4

Here comes the part I love the most: pattern mixing.  Bedroom is the perfect place to be experimental with pattern play.  After all, it’s a private space and as long as you like what you’ve done, no one else has to be the judge!  I have used 6 different patterns here and none of them are solids.  Diamond, polka dot, stripe, and floral, I have them all and love the way they turned out.

Thanks Staci of Switch Studio for the two sensational pillows at the front roll, and that ikat polka dot fabric from Tonic Living adds a touch of whimsy to the graphic stripes.

Bedroom detail 1

Bedroom detail 2

And of course every bedroom needs a quiet corner for that nighttime reading right? I lucked out finding this handsome Harry Chair by Sarah Richardson Design, floor lamp by Jonathan Adler, and side table by Mitchell Gold + Bob Williams.  I also know I want to mix in something “edgy” in the space and the Kelly Print by The Aestate is just perfect for the task don’t you think?

After - Bedroom 3

Hope you enjoy this bedroom makeover as much as I do and now my question to you is: what is your favorite design element in the bedroom?

before and after: bedroom
before and after: bedroom
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