patriotic caesars

It might not be as obvious as hockey or maple syrup, but the savoury caesar is a Canadian staple (we’re averaging about 350 million glass-fulls a year!). So what better bevvy to sip on this Canada Day weekend? Walter, the Canadian-based all-natural craft caesar mix maker, has dreamt up a concoction that takes patriotism to the next level: Playfully named the Johnny Mac (after our first Prime Minister, John A. MacDonald), it’s a little sweet, a little salty and a whole lot of fun. Try it yourself!



Lime juice (1/8” deep poured on to a small plate to adhere spices)

1 tbsp maple sugar

1 tbsp course sea salt

1/4 tsp sumac powder


3 oz Walter All-Natural Craft Caesar Mix (Well Spiced)

1 1/2 oz Dillon’s Small Batch Distillers White Rye

8-12 drops Celery or Angelica Bitters

1 tbsp fresh lemon juice

1 tbsp Cabernet Sauvignon (you know you have one open already)

Cucumber spear – 1/4 cucumber cut to 5” length

Grilled prawn

Wedge lemon



Mix the maple sugar through sumac powder in a shallow dish. Dip the rim of your cup upside down in the lime juice, then in the seasoning mixture. (We recommend heavily seasoning half the glass, so you can try it both ways.) Fill a 14 oz rocks-style glass to the brim with ice. Add the Walter Well Spiced Craft Caesar Mix, white rye, bitters and lemon juice. Stir gently but thoroughly with a bar spoon. Gently “float” the Cabernet Sauvignon by pouring it over the back of the bar spoon, so it stays mostly on top but starts to trickle down into the rest of the drink. Wrap the prawn around the end of the cucumber spear and secure it with a toothpick. Finish by adding the lemon wedge.

patriotic caesars
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patriotic caesars

how to wash white sheets without bleach

My friend recently shared her reluctance to buy white bed sheets, saying she loves the crisp, clean look of white bed linens, but feared they’d take on the look of a tattered white t-shirt after a few washes. In light of this conversation, I’m sharing how to wash white sheets (and keep them white) without bleach. Read on to find out more.


First, pre-soak the sheets in a tub filled with warm water and ½ cup of white vinegar. Let the sheets soak for up to one hour. Wring them out before moving to the washing machine


Pre-treat. I use The Laundress Wash and Stain Bar on any stubborn spots.


Wash in warm water. You may regularly run a cold cycle for clothing (cold water means less shrinking, fading and setting stains; plus, it saves energy), but consider a warm–hot cycle for deep cleaning white bed linens.


Use a gentle detergent. I’ve been using The Laundress Whites Detergent; its formula contains enzymes that keep whites white and extend the life of white fabrics. It’s also nontoxic and free of allergens and dyes – so I’m happy to get into bed with it, so to speak.



Weather permitting, hang outside on the line to dry and let the sun do its thing. If that’s not possible, tumble dry on low.


Do you have any tips for washing whites?

Top Photography, Nina Teixeira; Middle and Bottom Photography, Petal and Post.

how to wash white sheets without bleach
Source: Style at home
how to wash white sheets without bleach

current obsession: australian herbal tea

I’m a coffee in the morning, tea in the afternoon kind of gal. Herbal tea. I’d rather not find myself awake at 2 a.m. with a surge of caffeine-induced insomnia. No thank you. Since I’m somewhat of a herbal tea hoarder and Style at Home‘s resident health nut, I was thrilled to discover Australia’s Tea With Me, a collection of organic teas, specially formulated by nutritionists, doctors and herbalists.


Their catalogue of offerings includes bright, flavourful blends, such as British Breakfast, Shades of Earl Grey and Green Goddess Sencha, as well as powerful wellness elixirs like Organic Sleep Elixir, Organic Immunity Elixir and Organic Bright Eye Elixir.

If you enjoy herbal tea or are looking for a wellness boost, I’d highly recommend.

P.S. Tea also makes a fantastic hostess gift, if you’re visiting friends this summer.

current obsession: australian herbal tea
Source: Style at home
current obsession: australian herbal tea

5 favourite cookbooks of the moment

The first half of 2015 has seriously delivered in terms of new cookbook releases. I already have a large collection of cookbooks and I’ve recently added a few new ones to my shelves. Here are the five currently living on my kitchen countertop, getting dog-earred and sauce-stained, along with my go-to recipes from each.


I’ve been cooking my way through Food52 Genius Recipes: 100 Recipes That Will Change The Way You Cook (Ten Speed, $41) ever since I received it as a wedding gift from a foodie friend. Here’s where you can find brilliant recipes by chefs, food writers and bloggers compiled by Food52’s executive editor Kristen Miglore. Many of the dishes have become part of our dinner rotation, including Marcella Hazan’s Tomato Sauce with Onion and Butter, Yotam Ottolenghi and Sami Tamimi’s hummus and Nigella Lawson’s Dense Chocolate Loaf cake for my chocolate-obsessed husband.

GO-TO RECIPE: Back-pocket three-ingredient Tomato Sauce with Onion and Butter by Marcella Hazan.


From Holistic nutritionist, blogger and Canadian expat comes My New Roots: Inspired Plant-Based Recipes for Every Season (Apetite, $30), a long-awaited collection of more than 100 seasonal plant-based recipes. With essential techniques to master and a list of wholesome items to have in your pantry, consider this your guidebook to happy, healthy living.

GO-TO RECIPE: Wholesome grab-and go Fully Loaded Breakfast Bars (I make a batch on Sundays and freeze to enjoy during the work week).


I’ve long adored Canadian food blogger Tara O’brady’s engaging prose as much as her creative recipes, both of which make me want to stop what I’m doing and cook – immediately. Her inspiring debut book Seven Spoons: My Favourite Recipes for Any and Every Day (Apetite, $30) delivers with Tara’s signature stunning photography and equally stunning dishes, such as her Default Smoothie, Huevos a la Plaza de Mercado and Walnut and Sour Cherry Butter Tart Pie. High five, Tara!

GO-TO RECIPE: Blackberry Buttermilk Whole Grain Scones for weekend breakfasts.


Blogger and cookbook author Sara Forte’s visually delicious second book, The Sprouted Kitchen Bowl & Spoon: Simple and Inspired Whole Foods Recipes to Savor and Share (Ten Speed, $30), features “bowl foods,” a term husband and photographer Hugh Forte uses to describe Sara’s single-dish combos of lean proteins, whole grains, veggies and tantalizing dressings. Recipes are simple and wholesome for enjoying every day yet wonderfully colourful and crowd pleasing for serving to guests.

GO-TO RECIPE: The fantastically flavourful Ahi Tuna Poke Bowl for a satisfying weeknight dinner.


Ella Woodward learned how to cook when she was diagnosed with a rare nervous system disease, converting to a gluten-free, sugar-free, plant-based diet and healing herself. This year, this British blogging and social media phenomenon shares her giddy excitement for nut butters, sweet potatoes, porridge, dates and the like with her first book, Deliciously Ella: 100+ Easy, Healthy, and Delicious Plant-Based Gluten-Free Recipes (Scribner, $24). Hers is an enthusiastic and unpretentious guide to clean, plant-based meals that’ll make you glow from inside out.

GO-TO RECIPE: Fan-favourite Sweet Potato Brownies.

What are your favourite cookbooks? Have you read any of these?

5 favourite cookbooks of the moment
Source: Style at home
5 favourite cookbooks of the moment

editor’s pick: cookina mats

June is the height of grilling season and, as I wrote in the June Housekeeping column, diligently cleaning your barbecue grills is key to producing mouth-watering eats – or so I thought. I’m a lover of a juicy shortcut, and Cookina grilling sheets offer just that: The reusable flexible mats can be placed right over the grills and cooked upon up to 550° F.  The grills themselves remain in pristine condition (no need to scrub burnt-on food off with a heavy-duty metal-bristled brush) and there is no issue with juices dripping into the interior of the grill. What’s more, the mats’ non-stick surfaces mean you can skip the cooking oil, and a quick wipe is all it takes to cue up the ‘cue from meats to veggies or fruits without any flavour transfer. They even come with ridges for those all-important grill marks! When you’re done, just wash with dish soap and warm water, dry and roll them up for simple out-of-the-way storage. Happy grilling, everyone!


Have you tried this innovative product? Tell me all about it, and share your results on social media with the hashtag #WhatsOnYourGrill. 


editor’s pick: cookina mats
Source: Style at home
editor’s pick: cookina mats